FREE To Be Me ~ Weekend Workshop

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October 21- 22
1480 Royal Palm Beach Blvd. St C
Royal Palm Beach, FL
10 am - 5 pm each day

Mary designed this weekend experience to provide for self reflection, healing and commitment to living life to the fullest. Bringing women together to share their stories and challenges in a non-judgmental, compassionate environment always invites transformation and empowerment.
Mary is an accomplished mental health counselor with over 30 years of experience and provides for a loving, safe environment for participants to receive what they need.

Call 561-301-5355
Free to Be Me weekend workshop gave me the opportunity to release old negative beliefs and look at those things with new eyes! Growing from a little caterpillar and emerging into a butterfly who felt so free! Mary’s teaching: kind, compassionate, giving me a place to feel safe and most of all her gentle loving spirit! Whether you are beginning your journey to heal, feel freedom or have been on your way for a long time, this workshop will give you a sense of new freedom! Thank you, Mary, from the bottom of my heart!
Of all the workshops I have attended over the years, I found Free To Be Me to be the best one I have ever been to
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Mary offers this program as a private retreat for those who are not comfortable in groups or prefer a private experience. Contact Mary to inquire about price and location.
Mary brought me through the Free To Be Me workshop with such care. It was a chance to look at myself at a deeper level and allow the limiting beliefs to slough off, and a light, easy, effortless life transform before my eyes. I feel strong, yet flexible about the outcome of my circumstances that challenge me. I am seeing loving support from every direction and I’m creating what I want in my life now!

A transformational journey
based on the life cycle of the butterfly

The butterfly calls you to expand your awareness, spread your wings and call forth your inner joy. Let go of limitations, and free yourself to express your own beauty within. ENJOY Heart of Mother Earth Retreats!
  • Do you feel ready for change?
    Have you let fear and limitations interfere with your hopes and dreams?
    Would you like it to feel easy to express yourself and enjoy your relationships to the fullest?
Through experiential exercises, meditations, art ,music and movement you will move through the transformation process and obtain tools to live as you were designed... free, unlimited, joyous and powerful!

The weekend workshop will take you through the 4 stages of the life cycle of the butterfly:

  • Egg Stage: Discover, explore and connect with your true essence, your gifts and your purpose.
  • Caterpillar Stage: Understand how surviving this world has shaped your beliefs, created fear, doubt and limitations. A powerful healing session will complete this stage.
  • Cocoon Stage: As the outer world reinforces our limiting beliefs, we add layer upon layer of a “story” and begin to live within the safety of that story. As we look closely at our path we discover the higher meaning and gifts of our story. A transformation takes place within the cocoon as the old self dissolves and the old and new merge to create a new version of you.
  • Butterfly Stage: Engaging in a healing and growth process helps us believe in our true nature and catch a glimpse of “ Who We Truly Are”. Now, the safety of the cocoon feels confining and we are ready to emerge and live as we were meant to live, free to fly and express the power and magnificence of our true self.
Mary has a passion for helping people to grow an shine! Her knowledge in creating this workshop of the cycle of the butterfly was really explained beautifully. All I can say is “WOW!
I never cease to be amazed by how much I learn about myself at Mary’s workshops. I’ve been a participant at various events for over 11 years and don’t ever plan to stop!
Free To Be Me was an awesome experience in how to just be…. Me!
Mary and Leanne are bright and twinkling stars. Bring them together and you have an unstoppable, dynamic duo of inspiration and healing. Since attending their retreat last October, layers have revealed themselves and been shed away leaving me with some surprising and unique healing opportunities for long past history. Not every day is full of sunshine however Mary and Leanne are sure to leave you with some tools that will help guide you in the storms.
This workshop gave me incredible insight into my true essence and as a result it gave me the courage to break free from unhealthy life paths. Mary's patience and compassion towards every participant at the retreat fostered a genuine bond among the women who attended and created the perfect ambiance for true personal growth both during and following the retreat. Furthermore, Leanne's music filled me in unexpected ways and touched deep parts of my soul. The incorporation of yoga throughout the retreat was the perfect touch allowing me to be in the right growth producing mindset. This retreat was the perfect combination! I wholeheartedly recommend giving yourself the gift of attending their retreats!
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Mary offers this program as a private retreat for those who are not comfortable in groups or prefer a private experience. Contact Mary to inquire about price and location.

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